Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The glorious moment


Surprised Zuleyka


Zuleyka greeted by Natalie


The new Miss Universe


Puerto Rico celebrates their new queen


Surprised? Shocked? Stunned? All of the above


The crown is just perfect for the gown!


Winning moment


The last two woman standing


"Thank you my fellow Puerto Rican judge."


Two Miss Universe crown in just one decade and Puerto Rico is still counting


"Why me?!!! Miss Japan gave better answer!


This is the moment


Better than Last year's Miss Indonesia but still...


Aside from Puerto Rico, Indonesia got the "Trump" formula on who to send to Miss U but i'm still wondering why Nadine didn't made the cut


Lebanon and Indonesia

Monday, July 24, 2006


The crowning moment


Beauty World Cup's Best in Gown


"Thanks to all my fans. Mi Amor"


The winner


Zuleyka in swimsuit


O my gosh!!! I won?!!!


Yes! I won!


The last two women standing


The crown matches her gown


Teary-eyed Miss Puerto Rico


The new Miss Universe waves to the crowd


Miss Puerto Rico delivering her answer


Zuleyka with Donald Trump


The Top 5. Miss USA looks taller than Miss Switzerland. Thanks to the gown


Miss Puerto Rico wins anew


Japan and Puerto Rico waiting for the grand announcement


Zuleyka in the evening gown competition


Zuleyka's reaction while being crowned as the New Miss Universe

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