Saturday, July 15, 2006


Miss Lebanon looks like a Supermodel! The asset Trump is looking for


Miss Mauritius


She could be the first Nicaraguan Miss Universe. A shoo-in for the crown!


Miss New Zealand looks great in swimsuit


Miss Mexico is a stunner. She has a beautiful face tailor-made for Miss Universe. But i'm not sure with her posture though.


I prefer last year's Miss Latvia


Korea might score big in swimsuit


Japan sent a stronger candidate this year. Another strong contender from Asia


Jamaica might not make it to the top 15


Miss Israel is also a stunner. If she has a great personality, she's a winner


Never heard about Miss Ireland so i guess her chances are also slim


Indonesia made it last year in the top 15 and this year, they sent another stunner. One of the strongest from Asia


Miss India has the sash factor for Miss Universe. It wouldn't surprise many if she make it to the top 15


Miss Iceland is another Eurpoean who is a semi-final material, too.


Miss Guyana is a dead-ringer of Kelly from Destiny's Child


Miss Guatemala


Miss Greece is another European candidate who can pull a surprise


Miss Ghana is expected by many to make it to the top 15 and represent the African continent


Miss Germany is the dark horse from Europe


France is another strong candidate from Europe but i have to say that with the presence of the latin candidates, Europe is getting weaker and weaker


Miss Finland came strong before the pageant starts but she seems losing some ground now so she must shine as soon as possible


Miss Ethiopia is another strong candidate from Africa


Miss Estonia


Miss El Salvador


Miss Nigeria

Friday, July 14, 2006


Miss China


Miss Denmark


Miss Cyprus


Miss Costa Rica


Miss Chile


Miss Bulgaria


Miss Bolivia


Miss Belgium


Miss Aruba


Miss Antigua and Barbuda


Miss Argentina


Miss Brazil


Miss Colombia


Miss Croatia


Miss Ecuador


Miss Dominican Republic


Miss Canada


Miss Angola


Miss Egypt

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Miss Canada, the 2nd tallest candidate in this year's batch




US Virgin Islands, Estonia and Germany


Oriental beauties: China and Singapore


Alice Panikian, Miss Canada


Czech Republic

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